Library Assistants' Day
NYSLAA is very appreciative of this annual recognition by the State Assembly Representatives sponsoring the resolution and the Governor of New York State for proclaiming this special day for Library Assistants'. NYSLAA wishes to thank Judy Sibio for her efforts in initiating and pursuing this honor over the first several years. Each year the NYSLAA Public Relations Chair, continues to pursue this honor from New York State.
This year's Library Assistants' Day will be April 12, 2018, which is the Thursday of National Library Week (April 8-14).
Nancy Davis (former NYSLAA Public Relations Chair - Left) at the State Assembly receiving our 2016 Proclamation.
NOTE: What follows is a copy of NYS Assembly Resolution No. 529, naming April 15, 1999 as the first Library Assistants' Day. Note that starting in 1999 the Certificate of Achievement Program was incorporated into the resolution. You should be very proud of yourselves as library assistants and of your accomplishments. Similar Proclamations were also made in 2000 - 2016.
Original Proclamation
Assembly Resolution No.529
BY: Committee on Rules at the request of M. of A. Bragman, Matusow, Abbate, Alfano,Aubry, Bea, Boyland, D. Butler, Calhoun, Canestrari, Carrozza, Christensen, A.Cohen, Colman, Connelly, Conte, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Daly, Darcy, Destito, Diaz, DiNapoli, Dinowitz, Espaillat, Eve, Farrell, Glick, Gottfried, Grannis, Greene, Gromack, Gunther, Harenberg, Herbst, Hill, Hoyt, Kaufman, Koon, Labriola, Lafayette, Luster, Magee, Markey, Mayersohn, Mazzarelli, McEneny, Millman, Murray, O'Connell, Ortiz, Perry, Phefter, Prentiss, Ramirez, Rhodd-Cummings, Robach, Sanders, Scarborough, Schimminger, Seaman, Seddio, Semineno, Sidikman, Smith, Sweeney, Tocci, Tokasz, Tonko, Towns, Vann, Vitaliano, Weinstein, Weisenberg and Weprin
MEMORIALIZING Governor George E. Pataki to proclaim April 15,1999 as New York Library Assistants' Day
WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Assembled Body to pay tribute to those community based organizations which unselfishly devote their energy, resources and thoughtful care on behalf of improving the quality and character of life in that community; and
WHEREAS, This Assembled Body is justly proud to memorialize Governor GeorgeE. Pataki to proclaim April 15,1999 as New York Library Assistants' Day; and
WHEREAS, National Library Week is an annual event that is, designated for the week of April 11 through 17, this year; there are 7,656 libraries of all types in New York State and over 14,437 staff members other than librarians according to the most recent data available; and
WHEREAS, Library Assistants help facilitate the operation of the library by aiding the librarian in their daily routine; they are instrumental as circulation clerks, maintain the cataloging system, process and repair books and audio visual formats, shelve books and other mediums, and work behind the scenes in many other capacities; and
WHEREAS, The New York State Library Assistants' Association (NYSLAA) is a state organization established by library assistants to promote and enhance the professional image and status of New York State's library assistant; to further their professional growth; to provide a network for communication to the members and the profession on library and library assistant issues; and to network and cooperate with library organizations on local, state,national and international levels; and
WHEREAS, NYSLAA 1999 Executive Council members are: President Ruth Oberg,SUNY Buffalo; Vice-President Joseph Hartnett-Hughes, Ithaca College;Treasurer John Butcher, LeMoyne College; Corresponding Secretary Shiela Hallahan, Southern Tier Library System; and Membership Secretary Donna Hanna, SUNY Geneseo; and
WHEREAS, Standing Committee members include: Public Relations Kathy Martel, Rochester Public Library; Donations - Joseph Valenti, Appellate Law Library; and Certificate of Achievement Review Board Coordinator is Judy Sibio, Liverpool Public Library; and
WHEREAS, The NYSLAA has taken on a variety of roles to improving and promoting the Association, such as membership recognition, fund-raisers and innovative programs; NYSLAA's most distinctive program is the Certificate of Achievement; in 1992, the NYSLAA conducted a membership survey which included questions about certification for library assistants; seventy-eight percent of those responding indicated that they favored a voluntary program; as the professional association of library assistants in New York State, NYSLAA is the appropriate body to administer such program; and
WHEREAS, In 1993, a majority of library assistants attending the NYSLAA Annual Conference indicated that the NYSLAA should work on a voluntary program; a draft of the program was presented to focus groups of library assistants and library administrators for their input; a two year pilot program was approved by the NYSLAA Executive Council and implemented in January 1995; the first eight applicants received their certificates at the 1995 NYSLAA Annual Conference held in Buffalo, New York; and
WHEREAS, This program is designed to recognize the involvement and contributions of career-oriented library assistants and to acknowledge their support of libraries and the library profession; for the purposes of this program, a librarian assistant is defined as a library worker who does not hold a position as a librarian; and
WHEREAS, Library assistants support the mission of libraries by providing important patron and support services; they promote personal development through professional involvement; they share concerns about issues facing the library profession and work with others in addressing them; through this program, library assistants demonstrate a continuing commitment to their work; library assistant service is recognized by library professionals and administrators as a valid career choice; and
WHEREAS, In light of their commitment, dedication and successful efforts, it is the sense of this Assembled Body to extend its highest commendation to all of the Library Assistants in the State of New York; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to memorialize Governor George E. Pataki to proclaim April 15,1999 as New York Library Assistants' Day; and be it further
RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be transmitted to Governor George E. Pataki, and to Ruth Oberg, President of the New York State Library Assistants' Association.
ADOPTED IN ASSEMBLY By order of the Assembly,
April 14,1999
Francine M. Misasi, Clerk